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Case Study

Underground EV Charger Installation at 180 Kent St., Ottawa, ON

At 180 Kent Street in Ottawa, Ontario, an ambitious project was undertaken to install
eight Level 2 Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers along with all the necessary infrastructure
to support their operation.

EV Charger Installation

Project Overview

The project involved the installation of a Bus Plug, transformer, and panel, ensuring the seamless
integration of the charging stations into the existing electrical system.

1. Design & Proposal

  • Comprehensive site assessment to understand the existing infrastructure and determine the optimal locations for the EV chargers.
  • Development of a detailed design plan outlining the layout, electrical requirements, and integration strategy.
  • Preparation of a proposal including cost estimates, timelines, and technical specifications to meet the client’s requirements.

2. Infrastructure Installation

  • Installation of a Bus Plug to connect the new EV chargers to the existing electrical supply.
  • Installation of a transformer to manage the voltage levels and ensure safe and efficient power distribution.
  • Installation of a new electrical panel dedicated to the EV charging stations, providing a centralized control point for the new infrastructure.

3. EV Charger Installation

  • Installation of all branch circuits required for new EV Chargers
  • Installation of eight Level 2 EV chargers, each capable of delivering a reliable and efficient charging experience for electric vehicles.
  • Integration of the chargers into the newly installed electrical infrastructure, ensuring all components worked harmoniously.

4. Commissioning

  • Thorough testing of the entire system to ensure all components were functioning correctly and safely.
  • Final commissioning of the EV chargers, ensuring they were ready for use by the residents and visitors of 180 Kent Street

The Outcome

The successful installation of the eight Level 2 EV chargers at 180 Kent Street has provided residents and visitors with convenient and reliable access to electric vehicle charging.

The project showcases the ability to enhance urban infrastructure to support sustainable transportation solutions. The installation not only meets the current demand for EV charging but also positions the property to accommodate future growth in electric vehicle use.

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Client Tesimonials

William Ferguson
William Ferguson
FB60FF3E-4410-41BE-89F0-3D2332AADBE6Read More
Evolta did all of the electrical work for by basement reno, as well as some additional work I needed done in other areas of my house. They showed up on time, were very professional, clean, answered all my questions promptly and did great work! I'll definitely be calling them back for any future electrical work I need done.
Scott Shurtliff
Scott Shurtliff
FB60FF3E-4410-41BE-89F0-3D2332AADBE6Read More
“I first became aware of Evolta while attending a recent home show. Gave an excellent first impression and were very helpful to answer any and all questions I had. Everyone was excellent and very professional to deal with throughout every step of the way in regards to an EV charger installation I needed done. I would highly recommend them and have already done so to others.”
Alphonse Rivers
Alphonse Rivers
FB60FF3E-4410-41BE-89F0-3D2332AADBE6Read More
I used Evolta for an EV charger installation at my office - a Wallbox charger. They were helpful, professional, and the job looks good. I am looking forward to using them again.
Paul Tweedale
Paul Tweedale
FB60FF3E-4410-41BE-89F0-3D2332AADBE6Read More
Professional, courteous service clearly explaining work needed and carried out by a Master electrician and assistant.

Highly recommended!

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