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Electric Vehicle Charging at Home

We supply and install EV Charging Stations across the national capital region. We will provide a custom solution for your EV Charging needs. We are passionate about deploying innovative technology with industry-leading customer service.
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The Definitive Charging Experience

Evolta Electric equips residential properties with the power of Level 2 charging.

Level 2 charging is not only among the fastest charging speeds available, but it’s also unbelievably cost-efficient and effective.

Many Canadians choose at home Level 2 charging as a fast and convenient alternative to public charging.

Home EV Installation

For Single-Family homes or Multi-Unit Residences, Evolta ensures accessible home EV charging. Collaborating with you or your property management, we customize solutions to meet your specific needs.

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Residential EV Charging FAQs

I have a 100 Amp Service, can I still install my EV Charger?

Yes! There are many ways to safely install your new EV charger on a 100A service.

  • First we will review your historical hydro usage, with this information we can determine if you have capacity for the new charger.
  • If there is limited capacity there are options for installation including
    • EV Energy Management Systems or load management
    • Reducing the charging speed of the EV charger

Every installation is different and there can be obstacles that can increase the cost of installation. But we have found a typical installation will cost between $1000 and $2000 for all labour and materials. Get in touch and we will be happy to provide a quotation for your installation!

There are two main types of home Level 2 chargers:

  • Smart chargers are connected to your home WiFi. These chargers can help you monitor usage, cost of usage, charging status. They also offer access management and scheduling for Time-of-use savings.
  • The other type would a simple charger. These units are plug and play with none of the features described above. You simply plug in and charge!

Level 2 chargers can vary from approximately $600 to $1000 depending on the charging capacity and features offered. We are happy to help as you choose the charger that is right for you!

Yes! The Electrical Safety Authority requires all EV Charger installations to have a permit. Evolta can handle all permits and scheduling of inspections for your installation.

How long does it take to charge an electric vehicle with a Level 2 charger?

Yes, we have experience installing EV chargers in multi-unit residential buildings. We work closely with property managers and condo boards to design and implement efficient charging solutions that meet the needs of residents while ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations.

There are several government incentives and rebates available for installing EV chargers. These can significantly reduce the overall cost of installation. We can assist you in navigating these programs to ensure you receive all eligible benefits and savings.


Client Tesimonials

William Ferguson
William Ferguson
FB60FF3E-4410-41BE-89F0-3D2332AADBE6Read More
Evolta did all of the electrical work for by basement reno, as well as some additional work I needed done in other areas of my house. They showed up on time, were very professional, clean, answered all my questions promptly and did great work! I'll definitely be calling them back for any future electrical work I need done.
Scott Shurtliff
Scott Shurtliff
FB60FF3E-4410-41BE-89F0-3D2332AADBE6Read More
“I first became aware of Evolta while attending a recent home show. Gave an excellent first impression and were very helpful to answer any and all questions I had. Everyone was excellent and very professional to deal with throughout every step of the way in regards to an EV charger installation I needed done. I would highly recommend them and have already done so to others.”
Alphonse Rivers
Alphonse Rivers
FB60FF3E-4410-41BE-89F0-3D2332AADBE6Read More
I used Evolta for an EV charger installation at my office - a Wallbox charger. They were helpful, professional, and the job looks good. I am looking forward to using them again.
Paul Tweedale
Paul Tweedale
FB60FF3E-4410-41BE-89F0-3D2332AADBE6Read More
Professional, courteous service clearly explaining work needed and carried out by a Master electrician and assistant.

Highly recommended!

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